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Geraniums - Care and home fertilizers

Geraniums - Care and home fertilizers

They are very popular every year and decorate more than one balcony. No wonder. It is an undemanding flower that mainly needs sun and warmth to live. Geraniums or geraniums know how to manage water well. They "store" it in the stems and leaves, so there is no need to overdo it with watering. They tolerate drought better than humidity.

Did you know that you can make fertilizer from coffee grounds, for which your geraniums will surely thank you?

After drinking the coffee (it should not be sweetened), let it dry and then add it to the pot with geraniums.

Do you have yeast in the fridge that is a few days past its warranty? You can also use it as a fertilizer. Just add it to a liter of warm water and let it stand for 1-2 weeks and water it.

Another effective homemade fertilizer is a drop of iodine and a liter of water. You only need to use this dressing once a month.

The whole plant is filled with essential oils and a scent that reminds some of a rose, others of a lemon, and others of a fresh apple or even mint. There are entire plantations of geraniums in the Mediterranean, which provide the raw material for the perfumery industry. Young leaves, on the other hand, add aroma to liqueurs, ice creams, and soft drinks.

Breeders have created hundreds of varieties with an incredible number of color shades. Flowers can be white, pink, or bright red with dark spots or stripes. There are also geraniums decorated with leaves, whose beauty does not lie in the flower. The light-loving geranium thrives well on the windowsill, it is not afraid of direct sunlight or cold air.